Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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After 12 days of voting and polling, the result for the hottest guy and girl has came out!! The winner for the hottest girl in 3@12 is the cutest girl in 3@12 , Low Zhen Ning!! She win with an outstanding 48 votes win against the runner up Fiona Tan Kai Yan who is 37 votes!! While the girl that took the third place is our best artist in 3@12 , Tey Hui Yee who is 15 votes. The girl that following up is Lee Haw Yern , who is also a cutie in 3@12 with 11 votes. As the following is our sporty girl,Lee Pei Ying, and the last is 3 is with the same vote Lau Shu Lih, Ong Yi Wei and Poon Pui Ying with 6 votes, although they is the last but they are still is the one of the cutie in 3@12.
And now is the hottest guy result!! Obviosly, our most handsome guyz Ryanz has score 28 votes and win this polling. The runner up is the basketball player Vincz Yap Wen Shen who score 16 votes ,win 3 votes more than our tall class monitor Goh Shu Wai who is also basketball player. The fourth place fall into Liew Che Haou with 9 votes. The fifth place fall into Chin Kar Quinn(nothing to describe as I am the person...)with 8 votes. Lastly, Tze Heng win our Tay Tun Khong with 2 votes , who both also are the most clever guyz in our class.

The choice that decide our future

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Perhaps the hottest topic for this week for us, the 3@12 is the pakej we choose to study for our form 4 studies. I believe it is hard to choose exspecially the people that want to choose sciencestream between the pakej 1 pure science that has biology or the pakej 3 sub science that has account.
Or perhaps the choice to choose between artstream and sciencestream. If you want to choose the the pakej that has the whole pure science plus account. We would like to suggest you to take pure science which is pakej 1 and request teacher to add account to the pakej.
We hope our suggestion will help out our 3@12 members. However, the people that is still thinking which to choose between sciencestream and artstream. We would like to suggest you to choose by your ambition, which is mean if you would like to become a engineer take sciencestream, whereas if you like to become a buisnessman choose artstream. If you still have problem to choose it find Chin Kar Quinn, he will give you a address or telephone number of a experienced counsellor which will help or suggest to cure your problem.
One more time, we hope we help you to solve your problem.
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