Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Chinese new year is just around the corner, so as 11days school holiday. The blog team members of 4A12 would like to wish all the 4A12 classmate, all followers of the blog, and also all the visitor of 4A12 blog, a happy chinese new year, SELAMAT TAHUN BAHARU CINA, Gong Xi Fa Chai.
And the schoold will be reopening on 2.2.2009. Happy holiday.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Something that you all maybe dislike

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Last week when duty, i heard some news of our school. But, I am not sure weather is real or not.

  1. This will be the last year our pengetua in our school
  2. On every wednesday (Ko-ko day), all student will be wearing a white Tshirt. Not full white, but is at the front of the shirt will be a lencana SMKSS, while behind just only the club or society name. Funny right??? All of you will be hating wednesday for sure. (no more Tshirt designing)
  3. The merentas desa will be held on around end of the month march, while Hari sukan will be held on the front of month April, the different between this two event is just around one week. Sure will be busy. MUCH busy.
  4. Merentas desa of the year will change the event place. In the previous year, it will be held in Bukit Jalil, but this year will be some change, it will held near of school, maybe just in front of our school start, and do not know end where.

This are all the changes may happen, although I am not that sure, but is better to take note.!!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gathering for Kean Voon!

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Attention for all ex-3@12 members or 4@12 members! For your information, Kean Voon is coming back for Singapore to has a nice, sweet Chinese New Year holiday. So, we are arranging a gathering for us and Kean Voon! The time is:

24th of January, which is at Saturday.

2p.m. to 6p.m. at Time Square.

Watch movie and also has a lunch with Kean Voon.

For those people that didnt has transport, we will gather at the Sri Petaling LRT staition and go to the time square by LRT.

For those who wanna kick football with Kean Voon( Only ex- 3@12 or 4@12 student)
The time is at 10 pm to 12 pm at 24th of January also.

If you have any problem with this time or date.
Please leave a comment or contact me.


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Friday, January 16, 2009


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Today, SMKSS chinese club held a chinese caligraphy competition in conjunction with this coming chinese new year 2009. 10 members of 4a12 participate in it. they are tunkhong, xuejun, simtee, weileng, lixin, puiying, zhenning, limay, huiyee and yi wei. 9 girls 1 boy. All of them have a perfect and nice hand-writing, they wrote well! I am one of the volunteers there. I saw all of them were trying hard practise for several times on the newspaper, hope to write nicely. So, I hope that our class paticipants can win in this competition since they have put effort in it. Even though, if we lose, do gave wishes and appreciate them too. It is because they represent our 4a12!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Breaking news!!!!

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Attention to all members of 4A12, and the visitors of 4A12 blog, the blog team members is now going to start up a new activity in our class blog. In school, teacher should be giving many note to us by copying to the board or even just talk. But, to all those student are quite BUSY, the note you all may could not copy it. Therefore, we are trying to post up all the note to our blog by different authors to make sure student of 4A12 could refer back to the note in the web. We will try our best to update the note as soon as possible. Hope that all the student of 4A12 will enjoy the new activity in our blog.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The school plan for the 2009

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8 January 2009 - Mesyuarat Agung Rumah Sukan dengan pelajar

9 January 2009 - Pendaftaran kelab, persatuan dan badan uniform

12 January 2009 - Latihan Rumah Sukan, Perjumpaan Unit Beruniform dan Kelab Permainan bermula

24 January 2009 - Kursus Sehari Pemimpin Pelajar

January ~ March - Karnival Sukan dan Permainan(zon/negari)

20 February 2009 - Taklimat Merentas Desa untuk pelajar semasa perhimpunan

21 February 2009 - Merentas Desa

4th week of February - Sukantara

28 February 2009 - Mesyuarat Agung Koperasi

March ~ May - Karnival 2 Sukan dan Permainan

10 March 2009 - Peperiksaan 1 tingkatan 4

23 March~ 1 April 2009 - Saringan dan acara tamat

April - Pertandingan antara kelas

3 April 2009 - Taklimat sukan untuk pelajar

4 April 2009 - Hari Sukan SMKSS

13 April 2009 - Mesyuarat persatuan bermula

18 May 2009 Peperiksaan 2 tingkatan 4

3rd week of June 2009 - Mingggu Koperasi Sekolah

July 2009 - Pertandingan antara kelas

4 July 2009 - Hari terbuka

13 July 2009 - Hari Pameran SMKSS

10 August 2009 - Peperiksaan Percubaan PMR

14 September 2009 - Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM, SPTM

12 October 2009 - Peperiksaan PMR, peperiksaan Akhir tahun Tingkatan 4

October - Program post PMR

30 October 2009 - Majlis perpisahan tingkatan 5

9 November 2009 - Peperiksaan SPM

11 November 2009 - Peperiksaan SPTM

Friday, January 9, 2009

Good news and bad news

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"RinGZz~~~~~~~" Yupz, holiday had over, and now come the school time...... Although today is the fifth day the school start, but a lots of things had happen within this few days, and a lot of awesome teacher is going to teach us, the 4@12 , the best class in form 4.

Since form 4 is the most important level in our secondary school life, many changes has taken, exspecially the changing of student between class and class for different stream, and for today 1 students has change out of our class and change to 4@8 , the best art class, who is Chin Mun Yi, our new class girl monitor, let us wish her a good "life" at there.....

And here comes the good news , which is there are three new students change in, who is Adrian Lee, who is our former classmate has back from the art class, 4@8, and Thean Wei Nie, who is also our former classmate is also change to our class from subscience class, 4@10. And lastly, a new student that is the first time to 12 since her leaving from 1@12 , the best class, who is Kai Peng( If there are any wrong spelling ,please tell us).

As we expect, at the next week, there gonna has more students coming in our class, since there are 2 empty place, which being left out by our former classmate that go to Singapore, Chang Tze Heng and Lew Kean Voon. Once again , we wish them work hard at there and get good result to make us proud.

Lastly, I hope to annouced that our new Boy monitor is Ng Eng Khang!!! The former treasurer of the 3@12, and our new treasurer is Kok Cheng Lun, hope he don't "eat" our money, and also the head of our class cleanning appartment is Thum Kiat Loong. As there are still has one empty place, which is the girl monitor, hope our teacher will choose one out as soon as possible, and if there are no mistake, it should be Wong Xin Mei.

Once again, happy schooling for all of the 4@12 members!
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