Sunday, May 31, 2009

teacher's day

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Last Friday was our school (SMKSS) Teacher's Day celebration. Of course, our blog admins had prepared some little surprise for teachers, representing 4a12. Let's guess! Well, most of the 4a12 members knew it. It is an unformal certificate. All of us were so excited that day.

Let's go, we searched for teachers!

The first teacher we saw that day. She is Mrs.Lee, our PJ teacher for girls.

BI teacher, Ms.Lee.

Ms.Lee, our biology teacher and En.Veejay, our sejarah teacher..

Our chemistry teacher, Mr.Lim.

Our class teacher, Mr.Lou & add math teacher, Mrs. Buvaneswary.

Moral teacher, Mrs Tan.

Boys PJ teacher, Mr. Khoo.

Our Mandarin teacher, Mrs.Chong.

Our Maths teacher, Ms.tan. She is leaving!! So, let's wish her Good Luck in her university school life!

Our BM teacher, Pn.Rohaya. She is good in posting for cameras! Notice that she wore the shirt we present her!!!

'GRATITUDE' in the front part of the shirt.


This the identity of that shirt.

We searched for teachers. After giving those 'certificate', above is the photos we took together. I like those photos very much, because i feel very warm whenever i see them. By the way, i hope teachers will like it. Most of them, looked surprise!!
Besides that, here's a bad news. We can't found our Sivik teacher that day. Therefore, we left the 'certificate' on her table. Hope she will like it too. And that's why we didn't have the chance to take photo with her.
Happy Teacher's Day!

(sorry for any mistakes in language)

Friday, May 29, 2009

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First, so sorry for updating our blog late, due to two weeks of mid-year exam.
As mentioned earlier, we had present our little present to the second and third best teacher~ Pn.Rohaya and En.Veejay. Both of them seems to be very surprise and I think this the reaction all of us wanted or hope to see so much. Agree??

admins & Pn.Rohaya. with the T-shirt we present!!!!! ( so sorry that we recorded video but not taking photos except for two photos above, therefore less photo compared to En.Veejay's. 'minta maaf, minta izin' ha ha.. )

En.Veejay is always so responsible.

One of the admins, introducing info about our official class blog.

A little present.

admins & En.Veejay.

4a12 members!!! We must unite together as a big family. I feel very happy and warm when i visit this blog, because it just feel like everyone is in this big family tree. Don't you agree??
so, do support our blog always and ever.
(sorry for any mistakes or error in language)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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CONGRATULATIONS. As mentioned earlier, Mr.Lim got the highest votes in the Best Teacher voting poll in our class blog. LEOz sponsored and bought by bottle.
Today, admins gave a little present to Mr.Lim. Of course, Mr.Lim, it is annually but not weekly or monthly. Here, I hope that Mr.Lim will like the present from us. Tomorrow, we will give the other two present to Pn.Rohaya and En.Veejay.
So, let's show our gratitude to all the teachers!! HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!
Mr.Lim was surprised. (I think so...)

ADMINS and Mr.Lim.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Poll End

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We as the admin of the blog had decide to held the favourite subject teacher of 4A12 poll last month. And now the poll ended with 126 vote and the most favourite teacher voted by our blog visitor is Mr Lim, our chemistry teacher. Well, he was the best teacher in our school. While the second winner is our Sejarah teacher, Mr Veejay. And our Bm teacher had won the 3rd winner, Pn Rohaya.

All the blog of visitors please continue to blog the most handsome boys in our class and the more pretty girl in 4A12.

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