History of 5a12 SMKSS (2010) Class Blog

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 Just a little bit on our history. =)

-5a12sentosa.blogspot.com was established back in 2008.

-Pn. Hawa was the inspiration for the idea of having a class blog of our own.

-Back in the day the address was 3a12smkss.blogspot.com .
The address changes as the class grows.
3a12smkss --- 4a12smkss --- 5a12sentosa.
SMKSS is the abbreviation which stands for our beloved school SMK SRI SENTOSA. =)
It was changed to "sentosa" due to some technical problems, caused by Teddy Tay, lol.

-The admins were Kar Quinn, Xue Jun and Voon Kaen, which later expanded to a big family including Yang Sheng, Pui Ying, Hui Xin, Po Xuan, Xin Mei and Kai Peng. The family is still growing! Anybody interested are welcomed to join the big family and to help to improve our class blog into an even better one.

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