Sunday, July 31, 2011

HeLLo! How are you guys doing?

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Hi! How are you guys doing? As the previous post "Don't let this die" said, I think it's true that most of you have forgotten this blog (blog is crying..wuuuuu), so I hope you guys can just simply post a comment and describe a little about your current life with us. *winks* ;)

Apparently, most of them are busying with their "whole new study life" as you can see from their statuses in facebook. Not only busy rushing for the 'stupiak' assignments + heavy load of homework (school suckzz), they also spend most of their time with new friends (obviously,because we are in different schools right now! :/) or bf / gf (yup, now you have a little bit more maturity to have a relationship

So in the midst of your busy life, don't forgot to drop a "Hi" in the chatbox or pay a visit to this blog :D When you are stressed or depressed, you are always welcome to vent your frustration here (in the chatbox) :wakakax!! :D When you are down in misery, we are willing to lend our ears to listen to your problems (the fact is we seldom get a chance to meet now, so you can just post it here and we are willing to lend you our "eyes" rather than ears to read your stories) but don't forgot to share us your happy stuff too xDDD

And please please please dont turn insane with you study! I know you guys love study very much but brain goes awry if you study too much. You are not a robot :) So please try and get more rest.... :)

Have a great time everyone! ♥ 5a12'10

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't let this die :D

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Hey, I guess almost everybody forget about this blog already,right?

Well, although we've been separated, let us try to not being tear apart easily because of distance!

Therefore, I'll try to update where are our classmate now:

TARC: Chin Kar Quinn, Tey Hui Yee, Chang Tze-Heng, Liew Che Haou, Lee Voon Kaen, Lew Kean Voon, Chen Xue Jun.

Taylor: Lee Pei Ying, Hong Li May, Mah Hui Qi, Low Zhen Ning, Chee Hui Xin, Lee Yang Sheng, Ong Yi Wei, Yap Han Wen

Inti: Lim Eu Jin

Sunway: Han Li Xin, Quah Shuh Jing, Poon Pui Ying

Possible Form 6: Koh Cheng Lun, Ng Eng Khang, Siew Sing Cheung, Loh Zheng Bin, Adrian Lee

UCTI: Thum Kiat Loong

How about others? Update us at here also :D
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